Crane your neck outward. Turn your face skyward. Lift your head above the trees. Breath in that purple sky And the cool nighttime breeze. Let your eyes shine the light across the tree tops. It’s coming. It’s coming… From the moment the first beat drops. The Muse grabs me, Holds me, Restraining my […]

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Vapor Victory!!!

2015-12-18 09.57.43So Enam, my youngest warrior, has a little cold along with a stuffy nose. Last night i decided to use the vaporizer, i noticed i had no more Vicks solution to add in there. But behold!!!, i had Eucalyptus essential oil and lemongrass essential oil on hand. I added 1 tsp of EO and .5 tsp of LO and a very tiny amount of menthol crystals, and there ya go, instant Vaporizing solution. Enam woke up not stuffy and Keyng had a great night sleep…lol. Now im letting the whole house reap this wonderful smell. #Relaxing #Calming #Beneficial #SoapersLife ~ISabali~

Searching for Sabali…

“Sabali, Sabali, Sabali, yonkonte
Sabali, Sabali, Sabali, kiye. Ni kera mogo.”……..”Patience Patience Patience its whats the world is about, Patience Patience Patience lets all join souls.”

Eight months ago, I decided to begin a long awaiting journey of starting a small home based business. I create bath and body products, that include bath bombs, bath salts, bath scrubs, body butters, and artisan soaps. All in which, are made in my tiny kitchen by little ole me :). As you all can see the name of my business is I SABALI BATH CAFE. Lately, I have been getting the same question from people, “What does Sabali mean?” Well, to answer it simply, it means “patience” in the West African language called Bambara.

When I was deciding a name, Sabali just stuck to me like glue. It says everything about the woman I am determined to become. It says everything about being a single mother of two little ones, being a full time student, starting and pushing forth a small business and most importantly just living. Everyone needs “Sabali” in order to live a beautiful, healthy and stress free life. Patience is something that I have been battling with most of my life, I am not going to lie, I used to be a impatiently mean. I know “Bummers”….. ~I SABALI~